Donate to our loos

We’ve taken over the Thurso Harbour toilets. We think this represents the catalyst to ongoing regeneration at Thurso Harbour which we want to achieve. We see the Harbour area as one of the key tourist areas of the town and improvements will benefit us all. But we need your help to keep them going. Running costs are estimated at £2,000 per annum and that is on a voluntary basis. We’d also really welcome donations at this point towards making the loos that bit better than they are at the moment. One of the keys to making money from Public Toilets is to offer that bit more, so if we have really good loos visitors and the public are more inclined to donate.

To employ a contract cleaner or create a post will be even more. We are working on a long term vision for the Harbour which will eventually (we hope) see income generation to support the toilets but in the short to medium term we are reliant on donations and offers of support.

You can help in many different ways….

  1. Offer to volunteer, if we even got 10 volunteers we could work out a rota on a weekly or daily basis so you would have either one week in ten as the Super Loo Volunteer or a daily volunteer duty of once a fortnight. To volunteer get in touch with us directly to

  2. Make a contribution. Clicking on the link above to make a donation. Even £1 would help towards the costs and everything donated is hugely appreciated.

  3. Offer support with maintenance. We have a contractor who has come forward but many hands make light work. Could you spare a bit of time for painting to make the loos a bit better than they are now.