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Thurso Community Development Trust

Whatever we do, however much we acheive, we do it together. Community individuals, groups, local businesses working together for the benefit of Thurso for both now and future generations
— Thurso Community Development Trust
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our vision

The vision of Thurso Community Development Trust is for Thurso to be celebrated as a beautiful community connected, active and ambitious place with a strong social purpose and a spirit of wellbeing. Where all members and sections of the community are encouraged to think big and contribute to active involvement in local decision making. An ambitious, creative, healthy, active, integrated, empowered and environmentally sustainable place with a thriving local economy and community facilities which create an extraordinary and secure legacy for future generations.


All about the Trust

Meet our Board & Staff, aims & objectives, community consultation, documents and reports


Discover Thurso

Funded by Highland LEADER and C&NS Fund, tourism development for Thurso, by Thurso


Thurso Grows

Funded by Scottish Government Climate Challenge Fund, local food growing and food waste minimisation

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Thurso Community Development Trust have acheived more for the town in the last year than has been done in 30 years. The change in the Community is exciting, transformational and optimistic for the future