A key concern throughout much of the Community Consultation work we have completed has been raising issues about our town centre. Our original Place Standard consultation raised issues such as it beginning to feel less vibrant, grey, not as looked after as it should be. We’ve followed this with further consultation throughout the ‘Discover Thurso’ project.

The town centre is felt by many to have attractive potential but general consensus is that it feels and looks run down, shabby and grey.
— Place Standard community consultation respondent
Concern that Thurso does not meet the needs of tourist visitors with both a lack of attractions and those we do have are poorly celebrated and signposted. Lack of information apparent for the visitor and a lack of vibrancy in the centre.
— Place Standard community consultation respondent
Shop frontages lack care and attention.
— Place Standard community consultation respondent

Town Centre Regeneration funding from the Scottish Government has recently been awarded to Highland Council and a town centre strategy consultation for towns in Caithness & Sutherland has been launched. You can find out more and give your views by clicking the link below.

We have a report on Thurso Community Development Trust’s strategy for Thurso Town Centre based on the views of our community which we will be publishing shortly and feeding into this consultation. Our strategy is what can be done in the short term with the Town Centre Regeneration funding available but also what we need to do long term in our town centre.

  • Grants available to businesses to improve shop frontage

  • Public art

  • Greenspaces throughout the precinct area

  • Signage

  • Active travel including walking & cycling

  • Multi-purpose use of tennis courts, square in front of Caithness Horizons