5 reasons to build a cob oven for your garden

Hello All,

You will have seen that we are building our very own cob oven at the Community Garden and running a workshop run by the very talented permaculture designer, Casper Lampkin. Something we can barely contain our excitement about! You might not be familiar with a cob oven though so we thought we would share with you our top 5 reasons for having one in our garden.

1.       Art for your garden 

Well firstly let’s talk aesthetics. They are made from bricks and clay so no ugly plastics in sight! A basic cob oven has a natural, rustic beauty but many people add mosaic art to them so they can really brighten up a garden.


2.       So versatile!

Cob ovens are extremely versatile. The wood burning is used to heat the bricks and the smoke does not get directly into the oven, the food you cook isn’t going to end up with a smoky flavour, unlike cooking on a barbecue grill. This means you can cook literally anything in your cob oven that you would cook in your conventional oven. It is brilliant at roasting whole joints of meat, pizzas and breads get a very distinct and delicious flavour from a cob oven bake. You can even put your cakes in there!!

3.       A fun building project! 

Who doesn’t love that sense of achievement from building something with your own hands!!

Building a cob oven is not overly complicated and after attending our workshop, with Casper, on how to do it, you will be an old pro.



4.       Use the veg that you have in the garden

Because pizza’s work so well in a cob oven (clay ovens are the traditional way of cooking pizzas) then you can make your own delicious pizzas that will taste like they are straight from Italy! Veggies taste great on pizza so stick on whatever you have in season in your garden! Squashes, courgette, tomatoes, peas, literally anything goes!!


5.       They are so social

Like any form of outdoor cooking, they are great at turning your garden into a real social space. Why not invite friends and family round for a pizza party! Get everyone to make their own favourite and show of your new, hand built, ornate, cob oven.

 We know we are excited about filling the Garden calendar with social events where we can feed you from the lovely new cob oven!

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