We launched our funding bid for a Community Fridge at the Your Cash, Your Caithness participatory budgeting session in Wick in January. Unfortunately at the event we were unsuccessful so launched a crowdfunding bid. We raised £500 through Crowdfunding - our pitch is as above from Joan and Marion. Later we heard that all who bidded at Your Cash, Your Caithness were successful so that added a fantastic additional £1000 to our pot. We now have £1500 and are in discussions with Highland Council on where to site our fridge and have made an application to Hubbub - The Community Fridge Network for a free fridge. The funding we have received will help us secure running costs and have a bespoke insulated shed built to house the fridge in.

A Community Fridge promotes food sharing while minimising food waste. Every day supermarkets and businesses are disposing of food that is still good. This food goes to landfill which has huge environmental implications. Our fridge will take food that would otherwise be going to waste and we’ll also place vegetables in it from our community garden. Sharing produce within the community. With the additional funds we have in place we also hope to install some herb planters and grow some fruit and vegetables in planters in Thurso precinct. We used to share food decades and decades ago, popping round to a neighbour for a jug of milk - essentially this is what we are bringing back. Food sharing. It stops food going to waste and also is available for everyone in our community.

The fridge will be centrally located in Thurso, within its own little shed, much like the one we spotted in Muir of Ord pictured below run by Moo Food. It will be open between 8am - 8pm and environmentally monitored. We see the fridge as just one element with our community garden and other plans including lunch clubs, cooking lessons and of course meal planning workshops by Thurso Grows to promote food sharing and community within Thurso.