Pay it Forward Thurso is where Thurso Community Development Trust was born. A Facebook Page which started with encouraging random acts of kindness by hiding books around the town soon morphed into community action with various clean ups and weeding parties taking place. As is usual when a number of Thurso people gather together, we started setting the town to rights, “Someone needs to do something about Thurso”.

Likeminded people came together to create community action. New friendships were formed over a shared ambition to make that “someone” our community and to create action to make Thurso better for all. Between a Highland Councillor and a Sustainable Development Student research was made into Community Development Trusts, help was given in the very early stages by Development Trust Association Scotland and a public meeting was held, steering group formed and now here we are with Thurso Community Development Trust.

But back to Pay it Forward Thurso. It is now our community action group, weeding parties and still random acts of kindness to make someone’s day. We hope to build Pay it Forward Thurso again with an incredible volunteer rewards programme and get more people on board for varying activities. Until then, the images below make our hearts glow with the work we’ve done. Enjoy!