JOan Lawrie

Project officer (voluntary) 


Thurso to me...

"...means Community, the friendly and welcoming folk who even if you are on a late walk around the town you will still pass someone who says hello. My favourite picture of Thurso may not be a dazzling sunset but it means a huge amount to me. It was taken in 2017 during one of our Pay it Forward Thurso Riverside clean ups. I had sneaked over to the other side to take some pictures and my heart was genuinely warmed seeing everyone dotted up the Riverside working hard - all coming together with no motivation other than making Thurso a nicer place. That's what Thurso means to me, our community coming together to make it better." 

Profile: JOan Lawrie

Joan is our voluntary Project Officer. 

She recently completed a BSc (Hons) Sustainable Development through UHI and is a huge believer in community led development having studied how well it is working in other areas of Scotland. Joan spends her time investigating opportunities for the Trust and presents these for discussion at our MANY meetings. 

Her day job is in Caithness Horizons Museum & Art Gallery. She also runs Pay it Forward Thurso who carry out clean ups around the town and organised the Caithness Community Christmas. Caithness SOUP a live crowdfunding exercise is also run by Joan. She is the Pay it Forward Thurso representative on Thurso Town Improvements.