It goes without saying to anyone from Thurso or who has visited us there that Thurso Harbour has the most stunning viewpoint over Thurso Bay. From Holborn Head and Scrabster, over to the Orkney islands and the Old Man of Hoy with Dunnet Head, Scotland’s most northerly point in the foreground. The panoramic view over the bay including the iconic remains of Thurso Castle just screams big Caithness skies which can dramatically change minute by minute depending on the weather.

However, turn your head back towards the town and most of us would agree (and you have in every consultation exercise we have done) Thurso Harbour and beach front areas could do with some work. We’re greeted with a sea of concrete. Our bay is famous for its watersports, international competitors and professionals in Surfing travel miles here to visit us. Tourist park their motorhomes in the car parking space. But we leave little to offer them.

Now this will be a slow project, we need to get experts, we’ll need to source a wide range of funding and we don’t even know what to do with it yet. We all just know that right now it isn’t too good. However, we are determined for our town and for our important economic diversification into tourism that we attempt to do something in this area.

Thurso Community Development Trust is currently arranging to take the lease for the Public Toilets at Thurso Harbour and we hope to lead this onto a full community asset transfer over the next few months (an asset transfer can take around a year). We’re researching additionallity for public toilets from other places who have been successful with this type of project in Scotland and also looking at ideas for the rest of the Harbour area. As always, more news when we have it. This is all incredibly early stages and nothing is a given so far but you asked us to do something and that is what we will do.