Updates from the Gardens

Its been a huge few months at the community gardens - with the project really beginning in May, any gardener will tell you - you have to hit the ground running if you plan to grow any veg at all with such a late start, so we have been absolutely amazed and in awe of all the support and hard work of the volunteers and people about Thurso have given in supporting the project as it gets it feet and begins (hopefully) many years of successful growing in the North.

In inheriting the gardens we have been really lucky that alot of the foundations for a successful growing space were already laid by the previous growers there, we have established shrubs and plants, good fencing and a shed. The actual growing area in the centre of the gardens felt like it needed a tweak, and with the help of a digger and volunteer Ron we did some basic ground works to level some parts of the space… then it was a case of build build build…. getting veg beds in, sowing seeds, searching (and researching) for local topsoil, getting out and talking to local groups and people about the project and generally trying to let people know where we are and what we are about.

Thurso Grows Digger Day

So we have had some huge wins… and some minor set backs..(snails and slugs can decimate seedlings and soil being harder to find than you would think), but at just over two months into the project we are absolutely delighted with the progress that has happened…

We are a new team working together, we are meeting new people - learning their interests and why they want to get involved, we are planting veg like crazy, we are dreaming and imagining how the space will develop and to top if off we had a party (an absolutely brilliant Big Lunch BBQ to celebrate the launch of the gardens on the 29th June).

We are planning lots of events over the summer (more on that below) and looking for ways in which we can connect and contribute to Thurso.

The driving force behind the gardens is a desire to be a positive force that works to tackle climate change. Growing your own veg, composting and cooking more consciously (and therefore wasting less food) are small things we can all do.. that collectively can make a big difference. Plus they are fun, positive and hugely rewarding. We need your help… we are very ambitious for the future of the gardens, and the more people come along to events, volunteer their time, attend workshops and generally get involved the better the space will become.


We have a busy schedule of workshops and events already in the making……

Every Tuesday (2.30pm - 4.30pm) and every Saturday (11am - 1pm) you will find us up at the gardens hosting a garden session… come along, help with a variety of jobs that are on the go, meet new folks and learn about gardening.

We have two FREE composting workshops scheduled up at the gardens

  • Build a Compost Bay Workshop - Tuesday 23rd July 11am – 1pm

  • Build a Worm Bin Garden Composter using recycled materials - Sunday 4th August 3pm – 5pm

And a series of FREE cooking workshops being held at the Youth Club

  • Budget Cooking Saturday July 20th 11-12.30    

  • Making the Most of Left Overs Thursday Aug 1st 6pm -7.30 pm 

  • Seasonal Food Cooking Aug 15th Thursday 6pm – 7.30pm 

  • How to Make Food go Further / Meat Free Cooking Tuesday Aug 27th 6pm – 7.30pm

We are planning a weekend Cob Oven Building workshop (including lunch) on Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th September. £80 per person - more details below on this super exciting course hands on course to be held up at the gardens and led by facilitator Casper Lampkin…..

If you want more information on any of the above .. get in contact through this webpage https://www.thursocdt.co.uk/contact-us-1, head to our FB page https://www.facebook.com/ThursoGrows/ or give us a call (07833938536 Sharon)

Cob Oven Event V2.jpg