Community Magazine Launch

Thurso Community Magazine Launch

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We were very excited on Saturday to finally launch our first edition Thurso Community Magazine! A huge amount of work has gone into this first issue and we are still on a learning curve with it but we are really proud of the support we received to put it together and the finished product.

The Thurso Community Magazine has been produced as a result of your views. Right back when we started on this journey and held our first community consultations there was a prevailing view expressed that there was a huge amount of good work being done in the Thurso Community by groups and that there were a large number of activities and clubs available to join. However, finding the information on them was really quite difficult. While online helps and social media is brilliant unless you know where to go to for the information, you might miss it. Hence the reason for our Thurso Community Magazine was born and its been floating around in the background until early this year where we were able to form a working group to take the idea forwards.

We’ve learned how to source advertising, source and edit contributions, where to get it printed, pricing and the all important design work to create it in the first place was learned from scratch on a new software programme but we got there in the end. We’ll continue learning and developing it further with subsequent issues.

We contacted a huge number of groups to submit articles and have been overwhelmed with the support. The magazine also contains articles on various hot topics such as rural depopulation and what it is really like to live on benefits here in Caithness. My personal favourite article is on the centre pages from Iain Maclean and really shows how far Thurso has come over the years. Humour and history all together as one. Of course, I shouldn’t have favourites and even as I type this I am thinking of Gail Brown’s fabulous article and how amazing Ron Gunn’s garden looks. So it’s difficult to choose!

The magazine will be released quarterly and our little working group is already thinking of ways to improve and being approached by advertisers and contributors for articles. One of the elements we would really like to build on is the What’s On section. It is free to submit to it and can be done easily on our website by clicking here We’re now looking for submissions of events and activities from November to January/February. Please remember if you are running a class or regular club we can include this as well.

If you haven’t picked up your copy yet it is available from the following stockists:

Eye Candy


Fraser’s Supermarket

Reid’s Bakery

Thurso Community Café

JA Mackay

You can also order online and have a copy posted to your door and for those overseas or who don’t want a paper copy a PDF copy is also available by clicking here

We hope you enjoy and if you would like to get involved as a volunteer, contributor, advertiser or just want to give us some general feedback please contact us on

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