Development Diary 15.06.19


Welcome to our new website and my first Blog posting here. We want to keep you informed of all the work that goes on behind the scenes here at Thurso Community Development Trust. Often weeks are filled with meetings and paperwork and these are sometimes not linked to our main projects but are all for our main aim of making Thurso a better place to live, work and visit for all. We collaborate with different local organisations and have a variety of issues and plans behind the scenes so these Blog posts are to give an insight to our work. They won’t always be from me! Board members, other members of the team and volunteers will all contribute posts and we’ll also share our press information here too. At least that is the plan!

For this first week though, here is the update from Joan and what I have been up to in both my Aspiring Communities, Thurso Development Officer role and my volunteer Development Manager role for the Trust. A full update of our Thurso’s Got Talent Event is also available by clicking here. But I want to make special mention here of all the volunteers who were involved in the event. Carol Paterson our Treasurer pulled off a blinder of a night, a fantastic celebration of Thurso - just incredible! A massive thanks to all the volunteers who helped to put together the event and on the night. We couldn’t have done it without you and you are all Thurso Superstars.

So onto the rest of my week. Paperwork filled. In the last week we have made two large funding applications. The first to Event Scotland for a Discover Thurso Festival, which if successful will allow us to host a signature festival event to celebrate the Year of Coasts and Waterways in September 2020. It is a pretty ambitious festival and I’m really grateful to Scott, our Tourism Development Officer for the background work he has put into the funding bid. More details once we have secured funding but to reveal a little just now, we’re talking watersports sessions, live music, arts, crafts, local food & drink, beach activities and animated projections and film screenings.

We’ve also made a funding bid to the Scottish Government Investing in Communities fund. This fund is highly competitive so we’re a little anxious about it but also hopeful that the work we have done over the last 18 months makes us good candidates for the funding. If successful we will be looking to employ a Development Manager and a new type of post called a Community Organiser for up to 3 years. Both of these posts would give us security to be able to carry on apace at our work. The Development Manager would concentrate on sustainable income generation for the trust through a range of projects and the Community Organiser post is aimed at growing voluntary effort with rewards and employability programmes. We have all of our fingers and toes crossed on this one!

In other news this week, I attended a fantastic event organised by Caithness Voluntary Group which saw various different funders tell us about what they can offer groups. It was a well attended and really positive event. It is always fantastic to see at these type of events how many brilliant groups are operating in our area.

Lastly, website redevelopment. I’m pretty chuffed with the new website and I hope you enjoy it too. We were well overdue a refresh and the new design enables us to have a tonne, and I mean a tonne of information about how you can reduce local carbon emissions with our Thurso Grows team.