aims and Objectives of the Trust

The vision of Thurso Community Development Trust for Thurso, is for our place to be celebrated as a beautiful community connected, active and ambitious place with a strong social purpose and a spirit of wellbeing. Where all members and sections of the community are encouraged to think big and contribute to active involvement in local decision making. An ambitious, creative, healthy, active, integrated, empowered and environmentally sustainable place with a thriving local economy and community facilities which create an extraordinary and secure legacy for future generations


Our current strategic objectives devised via community consultation are;

  • To proactively engage with the Thurso Community empowering them to take part in local decision making

  • To work and engage with statutory and third sector organisations via Community Locality Planning to improve the lives of our community

  • To promote community activities and community regeneration in Thurso

  • To take a place based approach to designing, developing and delivering facilities and services in Thurso to identified community needs

  • To develop projects which improve the lives of our Thurso Community socially, physically and emotionally

  • To strengthen, unite and promote the Thurso Community, working with other community organisations and supporting them to realise their potential

  • To create opportunities and diversification in our local economy so it strengthens and thrives