Aims of Thurso community development trust

Thurso Community Development Trust is a community charitable organisation intending to promote and respond to the needs and interests of our community, for the benefit of all residents. Its potential role is wide and identified via community consultation so far includes provision of social and community facilities, environmental improvements, tourism projects and support to local people and businesses.

The objectives of Thurso community development trust are:

1. To consult with, inform and represent the interests of the Thurso Community throughout all projects

2. To investigate the opportunity and viability of various community-led initiatives;

3. To report back to the wider community as appropriate;

4. To establish whether or not the community wishes to pursue the proposed initiatives, and

5. To form a community company, if appropriate, to progress and implement the initiatives.

6. To liaise with agencies, statutory bodies and landowners or their representatives as appropriate.

7. To secure funding from appropriate bodies to enable the appointment of various professionals and consultants to assist the work of Thurso community development trust